Are you searching for a better solution or do you have to solve a not simple problem? Thanks to my entrepreneurial and concrete personality with various and professional expertises I can particularly offer you following useful and competent services:

  • Proposals for optimisations and improvements
  • Consulting and monitoring in case of negative business results (troubleshooting)
  • Consulting und monitoring in case of new business plans
  • Creativity and innovation incentives (out of your box thinking)
  • Local up to international Sales support (representation, market researches, sales training and negotiation support as well as generally in Marketing)
  • Consulting and monitoring of your settlement for succession or the sale of your company
  • Board of Directors mandates.

Dominik Kraemer

Competent Solutions and Sales Support

for Your Enterprise.


I look forward to hearing from you!

You can reach me under my cell phone number: +41 78 687 37 78 or by email:


Dominik Kraemer - Bruehlbergstrasse 8 - 8400 Winterthur - Switzerland