03.2013 - today           Business consultancy with large local - very demanding and successful interior design

business engagement by providing and implementing a rescue company following a very complex bankruptcy case (of Krämer Innendekoration AG, Winterthur). Cross-bag US market entry preparations in cooperation with partner company. Sales engagement with Sieg & Partner AG (curtain business), Zurich, etc.

11.2008 - 06.2011       Retail Key Account Manager & Head of Regional Sales Representatives, Mövenpick - The Art of Swiss Ice Cream, (Nestlé Super Premium), Vevey

·             Achievements:
Quantitative and qualitative objectives mainly exceeded for instance by unexpectedly gaining the 175ml business with Denner, due to my determined intellect-stimulating and motivating leadership style as well as improved collaborations with the distribution organisation of Nestlé Frisco Findus

·             Responsibility:
Assisting 12 key accounts (convenience, cash & carrys, retail), supervising of 4 Retail Sales Representatives, national ambassador execution towards and cooperation with Nestlé Frisco Findus

12.2001 - 09.2007       CEO and member of business management, Krämer fürs Wohnen AG, Winterthur

·             Achievements:
Unexpected and sustainable business-turnaround owing to margin- and sales improvements, expansion of chargeable services, intensive quality management and because of rigorously minimising rates of errors,
later successful business disposal

·             Responsibility:
Business management incl. board of directors membership, team lead (10 persons), Marketing, Networking, Procurement, Finance, Controlling, computer system maintenance, Administration, the latter part-time 50 % from 12.2001 - 09.2002

12.2001 - 09.2002       Business Consultant, part-time 50 %, Dössegger Möbel, CH-Seon, Hiestand Wohndesign, CH-Horgen, Kramer Möbel international, CH-Biel, Krämer fürs Wohnen, CH-Winterthur, Lüscher Wohnkonzeption, CH-Baden

·             Achievements:
Conducting individual business analysis with value-adding and determined business streamlining propositions such as through reducing sales areas in favour of of letting them, later non-cooperation recommendation because of too large heterogeneities

·             Responsibility:
Together with a partner (Mr. Urs Walter, CH-Seon) cooperation- and business analysis for design decoration companies


08.1991 - 10.2000       Commercial Clerk, Winterthur Life Insurances (now: AXA Winterthur),
full-time, limited employment contract, and apprenticeship engagement(s), headoffice and Agency Richard Bätscher, CH-Winterthur

·             Achievements:
Working performances constantly to the complete satisfaction of all stakeholders

·             Responsibility:
Life insurances (incl. pension funds) administration, sales front support, customer services, and management of insurance proceeds




09.2011  - 02.2013      Master of Science in International Management, University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland,, with Dual Degree Master in International Business, Anglia Ruskin University (ARU), Ashcroft International Business School (AIBS), Cambridge (UK) and Harvard Business School Certificate, Microeconomics of Competitiveness (MOC) by Prof. Michael Porter, Master thesis topic: Developing International Business Strategies

11.1997 - 11.2001       Bachelor of Business Administrations, Zurich University of Applied Sciences,, major: banking and finance


2005 - Present           Member of Club-Efforce, Winterthur, Schaffhausen and

11.1997 - 04.2009     Member of the Board of Directors at Krämer fürs Wohnen AG,

2005 - 2009              Member of Junior Chamber (incl. board activities) Winterthur, (and

2006 - 10.2008          Member of the board at the interior design industry’s
umbrella organisation:,,
Leadership of their new market positioning project 2007/2008

2004 - 2008              Several attendances at SME business conventions (with certifications)

2006                        Sales certificate BEI-Training, Winterthur,

2005                        OBT ( governing board-academy: basic course